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Fairly Priced, First class Window Replacement in Portland Oregon Thermoloc are the experts and installation avoiding a long annoying sales process. We use outstanding materials Our process and installation is very detailed Top rated Reviews And we will communicate with you throughout the entire install of your windows.

With the weather cold outside you want to keep your bills as low as possible and still remain comfortable.  A big improvement from window replacement is the amount of energy that your home is able to maintain.  Not only will you help keep this energy inside your home with having your windows replaced, but that energy bill will be reduced. 

Thermoloc is a featured Milgard Windows dealer and a partner on Oregon Energy Trust.

Thermoloc can apply all kinds of window treatment to reduce sun glare and protect the harsh sun effects on wood floors or expensive furniture.  Window replacement is an easy process that starts with a phone call to one of the best window replacement companies in the northwest.  We will then find out exactly what your needs are and come up with a proposal that fits your home.

Thermoloc will set up a time that is convenient for you for installation.  Your house is in great hands and will be a great improvement for those extra hot summer days.  Not to mention those winters that hit us unsurprised and we have to keep that heat up longer than normal.

Thermoloc has been in the Northwest since 1990 and are a generational family run business.  We stand behind our service and our length in business says something about that.  Rest assured you are in good hands.

Change the view from your home today with Portland’s premiere window replacement company.

Give us a call. We will get all of the information we need and then calculate a price for your window replacement. There is no pressure take your time with the quote and get back to us on your own time. Our experience speaks for itself and we hope you become one of our long standing customers. That’s why we put so much emphasis on installation – a good installation is crucial to delivering a great overall result. While our installers are certainly efficient, we are careful not to over-schedule. Our crews will work until the job gets done right.  We are here for you from start to finish. Look